The benefits of partnering with WAW are unmatched. Unlike any other hospitality chain, for us at WAW your growth is first than ours. We work very closely with our partners to help them realize their business goals. WAW makes it simple for you to earn money and reach millions of travellers looking for a convenient and affordable stay, by featuring your property on our website along with several online and offline platforms including on our pan India sales network.

it’s crucial to realize that for us at WAW it’s not just about selling, but it is about making properties a part of our collaborative ecosystem which is transforming the hospitality experience. The key differences between WAW and others are as below:

High level of transparency: One thing that we take very seriously about our partnership is the level of transparency. By means of end-to-end technological integration, our partner properties are always aware of the business being done with us.

Assistance right from the start: The moment a property gets on board with us, we assist in upgrading the property to match the WAW Experience standards. The property gets access to our efficient vendor network, and also to our deep understanding of customer experience. This results in property getting a top-notch transformation in compliance with the best of hospitality standards. We also provide inputs on staff training and on delivering processes, for maximum WAW Impact on the customer.

Timely payments: Also, owing to the technological integration, we have a weekly reconciliations system in place which means that we pay our properties on a 10 day basis and ensure that no capital of the property gets stuck.

Every property is important: We treat our partners not just as business affiliates, but as friends and as an integral part of our team. We also understand that each partner is unique and should be treated as such. Hence, for every property, there is a key account manager assigned along with round the clock support and assistance from our central operations team who can be reached on VoIP, dedicated phone number and e-mail.

Long-term partnerships: Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with the end goal of delivering WAW Experience to the customer.

Increase occupancy levels along with revenues: At WAW our only mission is to increase occupancy levels and revenue of our partnered properties at the same time by on boarding quality properties on to our ecosystem. Once the property becomes an integral part of our ecosystem we drive customers to the properties by our website, central call centre, vast network of corporate sales and travel agents all part of our ecosystem to make sure your property does maximum business every day, every week, every month. Our business and market managers are at your service to discuss business performance regularly and understand feedback or recommendations that you may have, so help us help you and we can go distance together as partners.

Efficient operations: Our past experience in hospitality industry and with network of properties on boarding on to us every hour has ensured access to some of the best, most reliable staff in the hospitality business, all trained to international standards. Which means, staff members that are unobtrusive and efficient, leaving you very little to worry about.

Inventory and price control: To be honest we at WAW believe in empowering our property owners the complete control of their inventory and price. We however will have a dynamic pricing system in place and provide valuable feedback to property owners from time to time on price changes to be made to their property based on feedback received from our system and dedicated team of professionals which will ensure that all our partnered properties will get highest occupancy and revenue.


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